Need a converter to convert 12V 10A into 24V 5A

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I doing a project based on wind turbine. I am using a custom made PMBL DC generator. I am getting a output of 12V and 10A dc. I want convert it into 24V and 5A dc.


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Assuming that the highest converting efficiency as 92~98% then the output voltage will be as these:
Win = Vi*Ii
= 12V * 10A
= 120W

Wout = Win*Eff%
= 120W*(92~98%)
= 110.4W~117.6W

Iout = Wout/Vout
= (110.4W~117.6W)/24V
= 4.6A~4.9A

So 4.6A~4.9A is the max current you can get, and this is still didn't calculate the other converting loss.