N76E003 pin high/low takes larger time

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Vindhyachal Takniki

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1. I am using N76E003, keil v9.51 . Controller is running at 16Mhz, I can measure this on Clockout pin by DSO.

2. Internal clock diagram shows, Clockout frequency & peripheral frequency is same.

3. Timers works correctly accroding to 16Mhz clock.

4. Issue I faced is when I write:

P04 = 0; or P04 = 1;

it takes around 250ns as measured on DSo with 10x probe for single instruction.

5. Disassembly on keil shows:

C:0x07FE C284 CLR P04(0x80.4)
C:0x0800 D284 SETB P04(0x80.4)

6. These are single cycle instruction. What I dont understand is when cpu is running at 16Mhz, single cycle time should be 1/16Mhz i.e 62.5ns, but on DSO it takes 250ns around

7. Then why pin high low takes large time


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Sounds like internal clock divider set to 4.

For test you do a set followed by a clear, triggering scope on + edge,
and measure the high time to be 250 nS ?

Regards, Dana.