N/A responce for scpi command in spectrum analyzer

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yef smith

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Hello In the field of microcontroller we have the issue of timing diagram to know .
and buffer issues.
now i am programming a N9321C spectrum analizer
my code send 100 command on the 99 command instead of a measurment i get a bug.
I cant understand what could coase a stepcrum analyzet to send error instead of a measurement once in a while?
I have tried to look in the documents bellow.
is there some manual or explanation that could help me understand the situation?
Thanks .



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A little more information would be helpful. Are all the commands the same? What are the commands that fail? What type of computer, operating system, software and interface are you using?


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Have you checked at Keysight Technologies for technical support? They are very helpful but they will need the answers to the questions I asked you.