My wife’s sewing machine blew up earlier

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Hi everyone,
Very easy one for all you experts.

my wife’s sewing machine blew up earlier. I have traced it to a popped capacitor but have no idea where to get a replacement from. I know very little about electronics but can use a soldering iron like a demon.

if someone could tell me what it is I need to buy and where to buy it, I will be eternally grateful as you will have saved me from hearing about it for the next 3 months.
distance between pins is 15mm

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If you live in the US, you may want to look at the following:
From BG Micro:

From Newark: x2 x2

BG Micro tends to have lower shipping costs, but Newark has a bit lower prices. You probably need to go through the purchase process to know exactly how much it will cost for you.

I am usually a customer of both companies, but have no relationship to them.

BTW, as @AlbertHall said, the X2 specification is important.