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I've just come across something else which I can't find datasheets for, I know they are from Philips - it says so on the tubes which read.
Philips - Made in Hong Kong.
9336 498 80127
(50) N451 GC --- and this is the only place in which the tubes differ -- 8914 on one tube 8923 on the other.

I have included the components themselves in the picture.

Also on one of the tubes and I don't know if this is in any way related is written in marker 7808 => 200/u.

The closest I have managed to come up with is a BU508V Which is one letter short of the code.

OH BTW I managed to FINALLY find if anybody wants them the Datasheets for the Krypton Isolation
after 3 days of searching.

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I recall some TO220 BUXXX being high voltage transistors used in TV sets (CRT times).

Analog Ground

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My interest is in the Altera data books. About the time of the three in your list, they used a board of mine on the cover along with other promo material. I would love to have a pic of it but have struck out searching on-line. Could you post a pic of the three covers? BTW, they liked it because it used parts from 3 families on one board. That got them all excited.
Hello all,

I'm facing a problem: I can not find datasheet for a Mitsubishi processor - M50720-225SP. It is used for commanding audio sources in many amplifiers produced by Sony, Onkyo, etc. Nowhere is the frequency of the tact ceramic resonator specified. The processor runs intermittently, with random operating times versus jamming. All peripheral components have been verified and / or replaced. All soldering has been rebuilt. Symptoms remain the same. Can anyone help me with datasheet for this processor?
Thank you very much.
Hello Mr chip, thanks for your help.
I need datasheet of this transistors:

2SA572 W-4.5
2SC680 B or C
2SA566 B or C

I am restoring a Yamaha CA-1000 and i don't find this datasheet anywhere.

Very thanks for your help
You can save my life
Thank you
Buen dia a nuevo en este foro y quisiera saber como conseguir info de los transistores pt5654 del libro

TRW Semiconductor Division

RFF Power Semiconductors Databook

Un saludo cordial...
Good day to all ... I am new to this forum and I would like to know how to get info from the book's pt5654 transistors
TRW Semiconductor Division
RFF Power Semiconductors Databook

Apologies to BERTUS, greetings

I am looking for a datasheet from a Siliconix data book circa 1977. The part is a dual P-channel JFET in an 8-pin dip package.
It is marked E-4125 (possibly E-4j25) with a date code of 7722.

Can you help?
Hi, I am currently struggling to find a datasheet for the following Burr-Brown Instrumentation Amplifier. The IC number is 3625A and I believe it is from the late 70's.

I have attached photos.

TI has no info as well.



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That is a hybrid part, so inside there is a small pc board with opamps and discrete components. Many of those were custom designs for specific customers, not commercially available in a catalog. I've got some ooooold books, and it's not in them. But I don't have everything BB ever puslished, so keep looking. BB is now a part of Texas Instruments, so your a sales office or rep might be able to help.