Multiple Spi devices with Arduino mega

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I transmitted data with mcp2515 can bus module using arduino mega. Data transmission is working properly. I need to add a datalogger to it. I connected the Sck, Miso, Mosi pins to each other in common. I connected the cs pins separately. With the normal(big) Sd module neither worked. I have connected a micro SD module. Micro Sd worked but mcp2515 disabled. When I remove the sd card module the mcp2515 starts working. What do you think is the problem?


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To help you we’ll need more information or it was just be pure speculation. Please tell use the exact modules you are using with links to datasheets if possible. A schematic of how you are connecting things will also be very helpful.

On the pure speculation front, it could be exceeding the capacitive loading things are capable of handling.