Multiple Source Battery Charger recommendation

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I am using the following battery charger for my Li-ion battery,
LTC4162_S-3125557.pdf (

These have been designed as small modules, so I can use them in multiple designs.

Previously, they were used with one power source, such as solar, but now I need to add an additional source, which will be 14V DC.

To allow multiple source, i could simply place two diodes, but i guess this would cause a small loss in power.

I was also thinking about using an ideal diode, but I want to explore any other alternatives.

I have a large QTY of FDMC8327L_D-2312740.pdf ( Could I use these MOSFET to create some form of switch mechanism for the two power sources?


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I don’t think the voltage drop would be a problem, but If the MPPT output voltage drops below 14V it would see the power go to zero as the 14V supply took over. No idea what it would do then.


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We aim to use the following diodes ssb43l.pdf ( as we have plenty of them.

Is there a chance of the diode leaking a little current?
If it is a Schottky diode then it leaks more than a regular Si diode, but it probably isnt enough to bother anything.
Think of it this way ... If you put a 20k resistor across a regular Si diode, that's about the same leakage you'll see with a Schottky diode. The Schottky diode will have lower forward voltage drop though.
The best Schottky diodes I have seen were made by Zetex, which I think is now part of a different company.