Multiple boost converters for a single load design help

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Hello. I would like to ask for some guidance and help regarding the excersise that I am doing.

The excersise requires to design two boost converters for a single load. One boost converter is used for solar energy and the second one for the wind energy. The requirement is that the load should receive 40% of the power from the wind and 60% from the solar. Assume that both solar energy and wind energy are the same and are available 100% of the time.

If I assume that the voltage of the both sources are 10V, I am trying to do calculations for the Inductor value but I need to calculate the ripple current first. For the calculations see picture:

I was able to get two equations for ripple current ( one when the switch is clsoed and the second one when the switch is open)

My first question is whether these 2 equations are equal?? Can I use them both to derive the equation for the Inductance ?

Secondly, I need to know the duty cycle meaning that I also need to know the output voltage. How can I determine the Output voltage if it is not specified anywhere. If I assume that the Voltage output required is 100V, would that mean that Solar boost output would be 60V (because 60%) and Wind boost output would be 40V?