Multilayer repair problem

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Some damage caused by someone attempting a repair.My question ; in the photo does the gold dots connect to the layer underneath ,itC40F065D-3C78-447A-A30E-2690363002EC.jpegmakes sense that is does connect otherwise what is the point of the track.The component were torn off with some track and gold dot attached ,the second photo is the dot and piece of track.Can someone explain about the function of the small round gold dots ,are they interconnections between layers?Are they soldered or deposited?Thanks



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Looks like a test point. These are pads, typically only on the surface of the board, but certainly not always, that are contacted with a probe during automated testing. Judging from the fact that there is no hole underneath it, this one is only on the board surface. There is probably no reason to worry about it unless the board is going to be tested automatically again.