Multi-strand cable confusing

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    See this listing
    The listing says 22AWG. According to this 22 AWG is 0.65mm
    So the listing shows around 17 conductor inside the 22AWG cable.
    This is confusing.
    Point is the total diameter from the listing is like 1mm ( the caliper photo, 1.5mm with insulator.)

    Question is how is it measured. That is the gauge.
    I am confused about the actual size of the cable in the listing.

    Say if I need 2.5mm multi-core DC cable, what should I be looking for ?
    Should the entire conductor (all the stands) diameter give 2.5mm.
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    Jan 18, 2008
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    It shows 17 strands, which form 1 conductor.

    They don't show any picture of the caliper measuring just the conductor, but if they did, I expect the caliper would show 0.65mm as a 22AWG wire should be.
    An overall diameter of 2.5mm, with an inner conductor diameter of .65mm means the insulation is this thick:
    2.5mm - .65mm = 1.85mm
    1.85mm/2 = .925mm

    You say "multi-core DC cable" but I assume you mean "stranded wire."
    If you calculated your amperage and determined that you need conductors with a minimum of 2.5mm dia, then you would be looking for 10AWG wire.
    The conductor diameter (per your link) of 10AWG wire is 2.5882mm.
    If the same insulation type/thickness as you 22awg wire is used on the 10awg wire, the overall diameter will be:
    2.5882mm + 1.85mm = 4.4382mm

    AWG and dia(mm) refers to the conductor only; there are many many options for insulation type/thickness, which makes the overall product larger or smaller (consider 10AWG magnet wire vs 10AWG 100KV silicone-insulated wire - same conductor size, much larger product)
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    The parameter 0.65 mm is the sum of the cross-section areas of all of the strands in the bundle.

    The ratio of conductor cross section to bundle diameter for uninsulated strands is approximately 0.63 (from memory).
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    I got the idea. Thanks Guys
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    Another which causes a little confusion at first is TEW/MTW, which is sold as Single conductor - Stranded.
    A single conductor cable made of of multi-strands.