Multi Driver E-JTAG interface routing considerations for better SI

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We have a MIPS uP which has EJTAG interface.

This needs to programmed from Both P1(by default) & P2 connectors

This EJTAG interface needs to be shared between 3 drivers.
  1. Assembly Option1 in attached figure. ON/OFF switch will enable EJTAG interface in BLUE lines.
  2. Assembly Option2 in attached figure. ON/OFF switch will enable EJTAG interface in GREEN lines.
  3. A separate Programming connector directly attached to EJTAG interface of uC.

Assembly Option1 ,Option2 are exclusive , so, i have provided common pad sharing resisters so, that only one will be mounted and other Option related lines are isolated.

But, i can't isolate the connection between uP to Programming connector from common EJTAG lines coming after Option1 & 2 resisters.

We need to operate this EJTAG interface between P1 to U1 at 25Mhz and Interface between P2 to U1 at atleast 18Mhz.

Whether adding a termination at the intersection points such as Z1 will help?

any considerations on routing topology for good SI point of view also helps.

Attached an image which shows my scheme.


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as far as i understand your "®request" states a conflict = you want to MUX 3 channels so that P1 is always ON

every possible solution to such is a headache because of the speeds you specify
e.g when you add the pass gate at that voltage level the attenuation is considerable
or if you add the I/O register/controller to the uP -- the back- and forward signals get additional transition times . . .

i don't know about the EJTAG interface nor it's termination options
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