MP9486 Buck Converter for 72Vin to 16Vout at 1A Iout. Need Help with Building Power Stage.

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atalla cooper

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Buck Converter for Automotive System using MPS's MP9486 IC, It has Hysteretic Voltage Control Mode which. This was a task from an EV startup. I looked into the datasheets, and also some videos. There isn't much Reference for this IC, And I really want to know how to proceed with this. I am a fresher to Power Electronics from Electronics and Communication Engineering, I'm getting stuck at selecting the capacitor values and Setting the Frequency. I have attached the Documents that I have as reference.



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Lets start from the beginning ..........

1) Describe your Power-Source.
2) Describe your Load.
3) Describe the desired end-result under all possible circumstances / conditions.
4) Why did You choose this Chip ?
5) Why did You choose a Surface-Mount-Package ?
6) Will this device represent a continuous Load on the Batteries ?, and does it matter ?
7) Will this device be used in an Electric-Vehicle ?, or some type of hand-held device ?
8) Do You intend to use the "Demo-Board" ?
9) Do You have experience in working with Surface-Mount-Devices ?