Motor Matrix Array Control Board

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    Nov 13, 2014
    I was given the control board schematic of an old vending machine with motors arranged in a matrix array fashion as shown in the schematic below. I was told to use a UDN 2987 to control the rows and TLE 6225 to control the columns. I have read the datasheets and don't really understand what the function of these two ICs are. If someone can help me with reading and explaining the concept behind these two ICs and how they can be used to control the rows and columns of the motors, I'd be extremely, truly, madly, deeply, grateful! Thanks!

    TLE 6225

    UDN 2987

    Schematic Sr Design Motor.png
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    Your link to the TLE6225 actually fetches a copy of the UDN2987 data sheet. This link will fetch the TLE6225 datasheet

    When driven on, the UDN2987 switches its output to the positive power supply.

    When driven on, the TLE6225 switches its output to ground.

    If you drive a column in your matrix with positive voltage and connect a row in your matrix to ground, a motor connected to that row and column will be energized. If you only drive one row and one column, only that one motor will be energized.

    By driving appropriate row and column combinations, any motor in the matrix can selectively controlled.

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    Thank you so much! That helped a lot! I wonder why the datasheets make it look so difficult. Thanks again for your help! Really appreciate it! :)