Motherboard that supports buffered memory?

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Anybody know how I can find a motherboard that supports buffered memory? Internet search not yielding anything . . . everywhere I look it's, "un-buffered memory."

Did a search for, "compatibility with buffered memory," got zero results.


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Can you articulate a reason why you think there should be a motherboard that supports it. AFAIK it offers no particular advantage, and I'm pretty sure there is no way to accommodate both types.
Most of the online articles I can find on the subject are over a decade old. The industry may have moved on.


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Most server boards used ECC memory, which is "buffered" or registered. Standard home PC types of motherboards do not. If you have this ram already and are looking for a motherboard, search for ECC when looking for motherboards. There are many of them on Ebay. I would suspect you have ECC ram chips.