Motherboard doesn't get 3.3v on power button (PWRSW) pins

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Petar Aleksovski

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I have Asrock z270 extreme4 motherboard , and i don't have enough voltage on power switch pins , i read only 0.6-0.7 volts , and on reset button there are 3.3v . What could be the problem ? My psu is ok , i tried on another pc it work well ,tried to power on motherboard only with 24 atx slot . I removed everything except CPU and cmos battery . One schottky diode called ww1(bat54c) is shorted between 1 and 2 pin and not shorted to ground or with 3rd pin . And it shows voltage ,around 5.2 on both and 6.2 at 3rd pin . I have 2 or 3 same diodes on this motherboard and no one is shorted between 1 and 2 pin like this one . Should i short green and black wire on psu while is connected to the mobo to see which component is getting hot ? Is safe to do that ?