monostable motor without Arduino?

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hello there, I am working on a small project (without the use of Arduino)

i need my motor to automatically shuts off after a few seconds (using timer 555) but without Arduino.

will that be possible? will I need another IC?


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We need a lot more information:
motor voltage
motor current
power source for the circuit
What starts the motor? Switch? temperature sensor? etc?
If it is a switch, are you holding the switch down for the entire few seconds? Or do you want to push a button briefly and have the motor run for a few seconds after the switch is released?
If you hold down the button for more than a few seconds, do you want the motor to stop after a few seconds anyway, or run for as long as the button is pressed?

Depending on the answers, this might be nothing more than 1 transistor plus some Rs and Cs.