Momentary to Latching Switch Converter

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I was looking for some advice.

Basically I have a one off project in mind in which I am looking to power a strip of 12V LED's off of a 12V Lithium Ion battery pack and I am looking to switch the LED's on and off with an arcade style button which uses this momentary Microswitch.

Now I have found some circuit diagrams for circuits that look like it would probably do this job, however I have no experience in reading these or making circuits like this and I don't think it is in my capabilities to make something from components. I have however after some research found this FOG-901NP - Momentary Switch Converter. From reading through the product page and datasheet it looks like this should do the trick, although I was looking for a second opinion before I moved forward.

Also if possible is anyone able to tell me, if this converter is suitable, what wires from the Microswitch, LED's, and Battery go into what terminals of the convertor? My main question is regarding the EN1, EN2 & EN3 terminals?

If not I could always just use an on/off rocker switch, but I would prefer to use the Microswitch.

Any help is appreciated,

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