Momentary to latching not functioning properly

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Okay so here is my predicament and I’m not quite sure what to do.
So I’m trying to repurpose an OEM switch that was a pressure sensitive (always closed pulse) switch.
I figured out the circuit on the board enough to see that if I removed a resistor it would allow it to be open until I pushed it, essentially creating a momentary switch.
For this now momentary switch I have a momentary to latching converter and this is where my issue occurs.
So I wire everything up and I’m powering it with a 9V battery to just verify if it’s working prior to really wiring things permanently. Well I hit the button and it will latch on but when I hit the button again it won’t turn off.
So I’m not really quite sure what I need to do to get it to turn off.
The drawing I attached is my crude drawing of the original circuit and I removed R4 to make it a momentary. The picture is the momentary to latching converter I’m using.IMG_8990.jpegIMG_9002.jpeg


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Is the device in the picture the one you have the problem with?? That is not clear. And since we have not one hint about the circuit that does the latching there is no way to evaluate that circuit so that any advice would be useful.


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What is clear is that the latch trigger and the unlatch trigger are not the same. That is quite often the case, really.
Consider that we have no information at all about the circuit in that module, it that is what we are discussing, and at least I am not following links to find out. But obviously we need more information that the TS may have, to even guess at a fix.