Modding an electronic device to run off AC instead of Battery

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Hello. I have an electronic device here that I want to mod so it runs off AC, instead of the battery pack. Its a Keon (Sex toy, ha) that is powered by a motor, connected to a controller. I opened it up and it looks relatively simple. See pictures below.

Overall Unit. Battery on the left, Motor on the bottom, mainboard on the right and buttonboard up top.


Closeup of the battery (14.8V) 700mAh rated

The mainboard. Bottom left is the battery connection. Bottom right is the motor connection (It connects to another little board under the motor). Right side is 2 LED connections on the front of the unit and a connection to the buttonboard.

the buttonboard. This is the power/mode button and the charging port.

So the thing about this device is that it does NOT work while charging. Once the battery is dead, you need to charge it before you can operate it again. I want to simply remove the battery (Or leave it in) and replace it with a barrel plug to connect to an AC adapter. Is it that simple, and then I just use an AC-DC power brick with outputting at around 14.8V (I have a switching power adapter I can set to 15v, 2.4A)?

I read about a similar mod somebody did for a seperate device that wouldnt work while charging (Read here: and it was suggested to add a 1000 uF capacitor onto the line to handle any peak currents. Should I measure the batterys output to the mainboard while the unit is in use? I don't have my multimeter on me just now but will update the post with readings once I get it.