Mobile Renewable Energy Project - I need Help Creating Renewable Energy Devices

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    Oct 25, 2017

    I am new to ACC, and it was recommended to be my a teacher at my high school for help with a project I came up with. I am currently trying to create a series of different mobile renewable energy sources for the phone. As a requirement for this project, I am trying to find an outside resource who can help me create this devices. I am looking for someone fairly experienced in renewable energy, especially kinetic energy, and any help would be greatly appreciated! Remember that it has to be portable, and easy to carry around with the phone - not something big enough that you have to pull or roll around with you. (As a side note, I am very new to circuits. I don't know any proper terms, and have not seriously studied before, so I am going to need a lot of help)

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    The electronic aspects of what you want to do are not too bad and many here can help with all that. The bigger problem is that a phone needs quite a bit of power and harvesting this from diffuse sources is not easy. Most projects like this end up with frustration. Solar panels have to be too large, dynamos too hard to turn, and so on. Can it be done? Of course. But the solutions are usually impractical, at least compared to the original vision.

    My suggestion is to start attacking that aspect right away. Do an energy balance and find out what the phone needs. Electrical energy is measured in watt-hours, wattage times time. Battery capacity is often quoted in amp-hours, which can be converted to watt-hours by multiplying by the battery voltage. Think about how quickly you want to charge the phone, and whether it's even possible to do it slowly.

    Compare your power demands, both the rate (wattage) and the total (watt-hours) to the output profiles of the various sources you are considering. Getting even one of those to work will be a pretty good challenge, so I'd pick one that you'd rather focus on.