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    May 4, 2015
    Hi All,

    I have been developing a simple and small OS for microcontrollers and I seem like growing out the Atmel AVR family. Currently I'm working on Atmega1284p which has 16kB of RAM, the next possible step would be the Atmega128 with 64kB of external RAM but I afraid I would grow it out very fast. On the other hand BeagleBone or Raspberry PI seem complicated to bring up for me now.
    Is there any micro board on the market with basic features (USART, ethernet, etc...) and sufficient amount of memory? I'm thinking in 512k Flash and 512k RAM. The memory controller should not be more complicated than that of the i386. Also the board should be easily programmed and the development should be carried out easily on a Linux machine (some sort of GCC toolchain with some assembler features). It can be any architecture, ARM is preferred.
    Or as an alternative, is there any good project page that describes how to bring up BeagleBone, Raspberry PI or any of these kind of boards from scratch?

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    Bare-metal on ARM7 is a bear to boot-strap unless you really know what you're doing but almost all the info is out there in the form of the Linux kernel source. The price of a 4 core RPi board is so cheap it's a hard deal to pass even if it takes a while to get up to speed on the bare hardware while running Linux.
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