Microcontroller and camera for camera glasses

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I don't know if this is the correct forum section for this question.

I have seen that different types of glasses can be found online that allow with a simple push of a button to record video and audio without anyone noticing, because the PCB is tiny inside the glasses and the small camera blends in front with the glasses themselves.

Thinking about the whole circuit, I think the bulky components are obviously the microcontroller, the camera, the microSD and the battery. Am I wrong?
But my question is, which microcontrollers and cameras are small enough to integrate into the goggle and are used for this kind of application?
I am explicitly asking for the link of where I can buy them and read their datasheets.

I have never seen and dealt with such a small components ... usually I use breadboards or make pcb's of a few cm, but here we are talking about really small space.
Obviously I found something online, but I prefer to ask here that you are surely more experienced.

The other option is to buy one and take it completely apart by studying what it looks like inside :)