Memory module for STM32F746ZGY6TR

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Hi there,

I'm considering to use the STM32F746ZGY6TR in a project, but I'm unclear about the memory I can use.
Datasheet here
Chapter 2.9 specifies: "Up to 256 Mbytes external flash are memory mapped, supporting 8, 16 and 32-bit access. Code execution is supported. "
And This datasheet (page 9) indicates that in "Indirect mode", the max addressable space is "4GB".

Question: Is it correct to say that the maximum memory size supported by the STM32F746ZGY6TR is 4GB? Or am I missing something?

The STM chip supports USB High Speed (480Mbit/s).
- I want a memory chip that does not limit the speed (too much), I guess this depends on the memory frequency?
- The memory needs to be non-volatile.
- I can only place one memory chip on the PCB (due to space limitations)

Question: What do I need to take into account, when searching memory chips? Any suggestions are welcome?