Measuring rotational displacement on PTZ camera.

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Hi Everyone.
I am looking for the most accurate way of sensing displacement change when a PTZ camera moves.
For example a camera moves from left to right around 90 degrees or so. What is the best way to measure the exact rotational displacement which will enable us to calculate the degree to which the camera has moved?
I’m looking for the most accurate way possible, if there was no expense to be spared. I’m wanting to find something that is that accurate when measured in the 1/1000th of a degree, if that’s even possible.
Whether it sits with the camera, in the camera, or on the camera.

Anyone have any ideas? Really looking forward to hearing you thoughts and ideas.



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I don't know if this is for one custom job or mass production.

One might paint a reticle on the lens, and then mark a scale in the background. Like a tape measure, only disguised with room/area decor.

You can pre-plot angles and make a table.

Like ranging artillery before battle.

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Cheers everyone.
This is essentially for mass production, and will be mobile, that's why Im thinking along the lines of a resolver, but wanted to know what other ideas people may have.