Measuring Current on a 5V power supply

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I am thinking about building a current fold back for a USB power cube. But first I need to be able to measure the current. A LM324 can do this quite well:
Figure 1.jpg
Figure 1​
I'm not so sure about this layout:
Figure 2.jpg
figure 2​

it is almost 11:00PM my time and I am fried. I'm done for the night. Thoughts, suggestions?


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A LM324 can do this quite well:
Figure 1.jpg
Actually that should be -1V = 1A, and to achieve that you would need a negative supply.
I'd also dispute "quite well" when referring to an LM324! An LM324 can't do anything quite well. Offset voltage will become a problem when measuring small currents.
I'd suggest a shunt amplifier such as INA181 or AD8418.
This would work if you want to use an op-amp in inverting mode, provided that the common-mode input voltage includes the negative supply (which it does for an LM324) R1 is the load resistor.Untitled 1.png


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Now there are IC devices made for exactly that application, boosting the voltage from a shunt. One of them would be a better choice. Not as cheap, though.


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INA250A4 is a better, if slightly more expensive (£2.90) solution with internal sense resistor, gives 2v per amp output.