Meaning of System Impedance value for air-conditioner? Is it safe to plug new in?

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Unskilled Bob

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Bought an air-conditioner on-line. Manual states that "system impedance must not exceed 0.389 ohms".

Concerned that as our rented house has solar/mains mixed supply this may burn out again. We can tell from the light in the kitchen that our supply voltage fluctuates frequently. Sometimes the electric stove time display clicks on and off so the clock is now 20 mins slow after 3 months since reset. The landlord's solar electrician seems to come every few weeks but never seems to fix the supply problem.

Given the supply problems is the new one liable to burn out or get other damage? We have to use a short (2m) extension cord to reach the socket and will use heavy duty wiring rated high enough for this use. Any suggestions as to how we can protect and use this appliance safely?
Unskilled Bob.