Meaning of software enhance

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isuru fonseka

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I have a question regarding USB web camera :
some web camera mention their picture resolution as a up to 8-megapixels (software enhanced). I need to know what is the meaning of this "software enhanced". please let me know what is the meaning of this "software enhanced".


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it probably means that it is not 8 megapixels and only converted to 8 mega-pixels using software... or it uses compression software to reduce the size of the image... could also mean that there are software filtering to "enhance" the image to make it look better... you need to dig into the sensor to 1 find out if it's even capable of 8 megapixels first to rule that out... then dig into it's software to figure out what they are doing... it's almost as meanlingless as saying New more power efficient or something like that... can't figure out if it's actual thing or just marketing.