MCP16311 12V-5V Buck Converter Output Problem

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I am an Electrical and Electronics student. I am trying to make a 12v-5v converter using MCP16311 integration. However, when I turn this circuit into a pcb, I encounter an interesting problem.

I used the mcp16311 and the capacitor, resistor and inductor it needed, exactly as in the datasheet. In this case, the circuit outputs 5v but only for 5mA.

For example; When you connect a LED to the 5v line through a 1k resistor, the Mcp16311's output voltage drops directly to 4.7v levels. However, if I connect anything more, it stops giving out.

Why am I encountering this problem even though I do everything as in the datasheet? If anyone has any ideas, I'll be glad if they share. I leave my circuit drawing, datasheet link below.

Note: I tried 3-4 different mcp16311 integrated. So there is no possibility that the integrated is broken.


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