mc2100-els-18W can anyone save my sanity?

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Hi guys, I have a what I suspect is a faulty control board for a treadmill.

Put it this way I’ve replaced probably 4 MOSFETS already infact I’ve replaced every part at least once that is attached to the heatsink.
As you can probably tell I’m not well versed in things electronic...... although I’ll give it a good go!!
when I last replaced everything I was getting about 13v dc from the motor connections. I connected a bulb ran up through speeds the bulb got brighter etc etc as expected.
I’ve checked the motor and think it’s ok, as in I’ve stripped it and visually inspected it. Everything seemed fine. I ran it in both directions on a 12v golf cart battery and it runs both backwards and forwards.

I disconnected the motor from the belt and attached it to the controller and set it to speed 4, it ran fine for a few minutes then Upto speed 10 ran fine again for a few minutes put it to speed 22 and the motor crackled some blue sparks flew out the rear of the motor and the plug fuse blew.

Basically I’ve gone through probably 6 13amp plug fuses as it blows both my treadmill fuse and extension lead fuse and several mosfets which I have to buy from eBay as I can’t find a decent alternative from any component suppliers over here in the U.K!
Can anyone maybe help at all? Am I missing something else on the board that could potentially be faulty?? All the components seem fine, and I realise that doesn’t mean they are but I’m not really sure what it would likely be other than the FETs and how I would go about checking with a multi meter if anything else was bad! I’ve read through most the post on here regarding this issue but have failed to find any solution to my problem.

Hopefully someone can save this treadmill going on the scrap heap...... plus I could really do with loosing some weight as the ole pandy gave me an incredible ability to eat everything in sight!!
Thanks I’m advanced.


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Ideally it is best to do a stand alone bench test and diagnosis, but you need a 20Hz PWM signal into the HD2 socket, some pick them up on ebay< I have also made some up, but I am in Canada.


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You also need the 20Hz PWM generator into pin 4 of the HD2 socket to test the boards functions.
No power supply needed as it plugs into the mains for testing.


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The fact that the motor was sparking suggests to me a motor issue.
Have you pulled the motor out and stripped it down, there are some really good video's on Youtube.
First thing I'd suggest is service the motor,
1. Check the brushes for wear
2. clean out any dust
3. Make sure the armature is clean, no carbon build up
4. Check the terminations of the windings on the armature ( in a video I watched, the wired for the windings were only crimped, not soldered, they became loose)