Maytag Dryer Board Repair

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Greetings Folks!

Apologies in advance for my complete lack of knowledge... I have a control board from my dryer that needs what appears to be a fairly simple repair, but it's well beyond my expertise, so I'm seeking help in either getting (fairly detailed) instructions on how to do it myself or a lead on someone who can do it. (I think I'd probably prefer the latter.) The issue is a small button on the board that causes the dryer to start when depressed for a few seconds. There are three other identical buttons on the board that serve other functions and are still functional, but the one that receives pressure from the start switch has completely given out and simply fallen off.

One of the functional buttons is in the lower right of the photo. The broken one is in the upper left. Please let me know if you have any ideas on how to get this fixed. The board itself is no longer manufactured and is unavailable anywhere on the Internet, so it's either fix this or spend stupid money on a new dryer when I have an old one that still works otherwise. I'm located in the San Francisco Bay area if anyone local can lend a hand.

Thanks in Advance!
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It should be doable to find a replacement switch and make the repair. If you have no soldering experience or tools, it would make sense to find a friend or someone that does.


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Others options if all switches are the same. Normally open / momentary closed when pushed.
1. If one of the other buttons is for a function that is not used then it can be swapped for the broken one.
2. find a used/ non functioning board somewhere on ebay or a shop that might have one laying around in a pile
3. mount a different switch to the front panel and run wires to old switch position

Ether options are going to require some one with solder skills as too much heat will melt/deform these little tactile switches.
It's weird that there are five pins, most are four. some pins are for physical mounting and some are duplicated for board design.
Most appliance makers tend to use the same style switches on their lines until they change. so maybe be looking for any old maytag board of your vintage .
Zoomed in it on the broken one appears like just a simple two contacts. There is a missing round disk that bridges the contacts when pushed.
You or someone would need to determine the contact style and pinning if dong a modification.

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Don't try to repair's an exercise in futility... Its time to buy a new dryer anyhow. Maytag was acquired by a host of suitors over the last ten years and their reputation for reliability went from first to dead last. Whirlpool Corp. bought the line in 2014.
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