Master degree major advice

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I just have finished Bsc. in electrical engineering and want to apply for master program and don't know which field to choose.
I'm interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning and want combine them with electric power engineering.
So, should study computer science or electrical engineering.


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I'd say you need to get a strong foundation in computer science if you hope to work in the area of AI. More electrical engineering may not get you there.

But, talk to potential employers and tell them your interests. See what they're looking for and what you would need to meet their needs.


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AI is all about CS/SW engineering. But, I'd pick a school that has a strong connection between EE and CS and perhaps allows interdisciplinary degrees. Also, look for leading professors in the area you want to study, try to study under them. Try to get a graduate assistantship with one of them to position yourself for employment in that area.