Letter of intent for master degree

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I'm applying for a scholarship and need a persuasive letter of intent shows that I deserve this scholarship.
I have graduated from electrical engineering school and want to study the application of data analysis in electrical engineering field.
I did some search but couldn't form a complete idea about how and where we can use data analysis in electrical engineering.
Help me please

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These are the fields I should fill:

1 Title of Study (Please state the title of your study in a brief and concise manner, as the title of a thesis or an article.) (Maximum 30 words)

2 The Analysis of the Issue (Please state the subject which you will deal with in your study and your theory.) (Minimum 75, maximum 300 words)

3 Research Method (Please provide details concerning the methods of research you are planning to use in this study. For example, in depth interviews, observations, surveys, trials, etc.) (Minimum 75, maximum 300 words)

4 The General Structure of the Study (Please state the main headings of the study.) (Minimum 75, maximum 300 words)

5 The Academic Contribution of the Study (Please explain what type of contribution this study will make to the Field in the
academic sense.) (Minimum 75, maximum 300 words)

6 Literature Review (Please state the principal academic resources which have been written in the field of this study and which you will utilise.) (Minimum 75, maximum 300 words) If there are any areas whic h you do not consider to be sufficiently clear, or which you believe need to be clarified, or any points you wish to draw the attention of the assessment committee, please describe these briefly, in this section.


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It sounds straight-forward. If you are having trouble filling out the application by yourself, how do you plan to do the research by yourself?

Is submitting a "crowd-sourced" application fair to the organization offering the scholarship? Is it fair to other people competing for the scholarship?

Are you really committed to this? How much time have you spent really planning this project?

People don't plan to fail, they fail to plan. Make a plan, so some research and get an understanding of what you plan to do and document it. There are plenty of books, journals articles and even YouTube videos on data analysis. Start there.


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First google hit I found this. https://www.quora.com/Why-should-I-be-a-data-scientist-if-Im-an-electrical-engineer

I'm sure there are plenty of people in the field of Data Analytics willing to discuss topics of this nature or they themselves discovered related information and have published. Culling such information from those people would be best, they are well informed of the field requirements Mathematics, General Science, Computer Science, Networks, Big Data Storage. If your good with Math, they need Mathematicians to do Statistical Analysis to pour over "Data" get out there and find it. Companies pay big bucks for people capable to do the job.

I've spoken to some people willing to do the work requirements, mostly Mathematicians and Scientist.



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You have a lot of homework to do. If you can't answer those questions on your own you are going to have almost no chance of being accepted into a Master's program. You'll never get past the interviews.

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I don't have certain thing in my mind. I'm interested in data analysis and machine learning and would like to combine them with my knowledge in electrical engineering.