Making PCB-layout for RF-ceramic antennas

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Hello guys,

I am currently working on a RF design where i need to make a PCB-layout. I have bought 2 ceramic antennas, and need a PCB to route the signal to 2 SMA-connectors that are side mounted. The PCB cards available are 2-layer FR4 cards at 1.6mm. To get a matching impedance at 50ohm, the trace width needs to be around 3mm.

Here is a sketch i made of the PCB-layout. There is no components on the pcb itself, so i do not believe there is a need for the schematic.

IMG_0020 2.jpg

My questions are:
  1. Because this is a relatively simple design, how do I proceed on making this in altium/kicad? Does anyone have a file or a example for this?
  2. Its just to route a 3mm track from the 2 vias and to the edge, because the SMA connectors are to be soldered on?
  3. How big does the via's have to be?
  4. Finally, how can we remove the outer "ring" between the via and the ground plane?

Thank you!

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You can look at an Evaluation board that runs about the same frequency as your antenna pcb.
Here is a board for the AD8310 Eval whose frequency is DC to 440 MHz.
A few typical SMA pcb connectors. The design details come from it's RF characteristics that are based on the application of the AD8310.

sma AD8310 eval board.jpg
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From a manufacturing standpoint the via can be anywhere between 0.5-1.0 mm (finished hole size). It can be also smaller, if needed, but assuming that you don't have spatial constraints for the via - I suppose that is enough.
Please explain what do you mean by "removing the outer ring"....

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