making laser toner scratch resistant on copper using transfer paper + printing issue with pbc paper

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Hi everyone,

I have been regularly using the yellow pcb transfer paper suitable for laser printers to transfer the ink, but in the past have used it for a different purpose on various metals. I have previously tested on copper only once and noticed that the toner can be quite easily scratch off the surface which it also did on other metals and even card. Is there any way to cure the toner after heating it and applying to the copper so it can't be easily scratched off or removed?

Another major issue I have had with using the yellow pbc transfer paper is the black toner leaves a light residue across the whole sheet when printing a design, so if I cut a design out and apply the transfer paper to material it will include a dull black background that should not be there. I've only ever purchased original branded cartridges as re-manufactured cartridges are worse. I've maily used Samsung mono printers but also purchased a Brother mono printer and found that was even worse. The yellow pcb paper is extremely thin and on many occasions got stuck within the printer leading to major problems even though I tried every print setting there was.

What printers do people recommend? What I liked about the samsung models was they tend to stay pretty much the same in terms of design which helps if your looking to do long term projects where you want to keep the same set up long term. I hate brands that are continuosly change the model every few months as it doesn't allow for consistency say if a printer breaks down and you want to purchase the same model again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Spray with clear lacquer after transfer. Done.

Use wax paper for transfer. Works great. Cheap. And it is translucent making it easier to line things up.

Nothing like an HP with HP toner for transfers.

Why do you care if features change?