Making a laser with multiple power settings - possible?

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I have an idea I'd REALLY like to try that to do w/o causing too much damage would require the laser to have at least 2 power settings and I don't think having 2 lasers would work, because the point needs to focus at the same spot if it is 3ft away of 100ft away (though most cases it will be used under 20ft).

Ideally the laser would be able to burn wood the instant it is turned to max power, but when on normal power, it would just be like a standard laser pointer. To initiate the high power setting, ideally a button would be used where you hold it down as long as you want high power.

I'm open to an IR laser and have some kind of IR view finder (camera) to see the pointer - but it just needs to be able to blast some fairly high power when needed.

It would be ideal to keep the price down on this project, if I could use an old bluRay burner laser that would be awesome, IDK if I can boost the power on these or not, adding heatsinks isn't a problem if that helps. I have almost zero experience with lasers.

If this project works, I think a lot of people would benefit and have a really good time with it, but I don't want to give away the idea just yet!


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