Making an LED Lamp

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    Jun 14, 2012
    ok so I'm in the middle of making a lamp thing.
    and here's a picture of it lit
    So inside each of the "bulbs" is 12 LEDs wired up in this rough circuit
    so it's a shared ground with 2 input channels, I'm going to make a 5th light for the topper and will have it be all 4 colors with 4 separate channels. so I've soldered each "bulb" into a stereo jack just to make it easy to work with and swap control circuitry. I am unable to rewire the LEDS they are cast in resin.

    So that'll be a total of 12 channels among the lights. The resistors are either 220 ohms or 150 ohms. I'm looking for ideas for control circuitry, I know I want to wire it to be in time to music but first I think I want to make some sort of buffer circuit that basically when there's a small input voltage it'll put a strong signal through to light the LEDs so I can hook it up to a wider variety of things.
    So just general ideas and suggestions would be neat as well as a schematic for the buffer circuit.
    I'm not opposed to doing arduino with this but am just curious on what you may suggest aside from that as well.
  2. wayneh


    Sep 9, 2010
    Take a look at "color organ" circuits. See Bill's Blog. It's helpful for such stuff.