Making a portable battery powered mini pc

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As the title says, i want to build a custom mini pc. The reason i'm not buying just a laptop or a mini pc are many...First of all i want something that will be able to be upgraded in the future without problems, that's why i'm putting a Micro-Atx inside instead of a laptop mobo. 2nd i want portability without interrupts (the reason for a backup battery inside ).

I have already think almost everything, but i'm struggling on finding a solution to switch from power-brick to battery without the pc to shut down in the "transfer time". I'm thinking of a ups 12v dc board (like the router ups) but the 10-12ms transfer time looks too much for me.

I have no problem to manually turn a switch instead of automatic switch when i unplug the brick from the laptop though,so if you have any manual uninterruptible switch like suggestions are more than welcome.

In the sketch below is the diagram i have in my head since now