Making a Custom PCB for bot

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I am working on a robot Similar to a vacuum cleaner this is a commercial project, and I want to ask if it is good to use esp32, as I have to communicate wirelessly (Bluetooth +wifi). moreover, will I need to make a custom PCB board for interfacing the motor driver sensors and modules? because i guess individual components will not be economical, can someone guide me about the pathway, please?


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Are you asking us to make you one or design one for you.
by the way ESP32 will do the job.

Did you do your homework on it before you begin.

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A very valid way of developing a product is to use a series of "breakout boards" connected to a mother board. Breakout boards are frequently available for less then the cost of the components. And assembly of the modules to a mother board doesn't involve complex surface mount assembly.

Your project might use an ESP32 module for the controller, h-bridge modules to drive motors, sensor modules of various types, etc.

Start with a block diagram showing each part of your design, then flesh out the blocks to make it functional. Designing everything all-at-once isn't going to work. Start with the small sections and work from there.


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CERTAINLY product development assistance is available. COMMERCIAL RATES WILL APPLY! Product development for a "for profit business" is a serious business.
In most cases the primary goal is to provide barely adequate performance in a package that will outlast the warranty time period by some selected time, and not cause any injuries to the user. So consumer product design is a very serious task.