Make Sensor Display the readings through smartphones

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Hello Everyone

I am using this wireless sensor which is connected with my PC and by using the Utility software provided by company, I am able to check the readings
But as this sensor has inbuilt wireless mesh module, so I was thinking to use it in such a way so that I will be able to monitor the readings using this communication.
I was able to achieve it by interfacing this sensor with arduino, which was received and displayed the readings of sensor on IDE manager in my laptop
But after google out about the IOT API, want to give a try with these API - Losant, I want My desktop as well as software wto help me send the data to web server and display the readings on my smartphone using this Losant API, I have never worked on this kind of process so we will be looking to create this by taki your expertise suggestions, From basic I first need to know about can I connect the readings to Internet cloud ? any suggestion will be much helpful.

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