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After checking mail box 2 to 3 times I decided it was time for a remote checking system, all electronic at first then it evolved into just mechanical. Maybe " Hardware Design" ? It started with a drapery weight, 3 3/8" X 2" X .083" painted red, B. Then made a shute for it to fall thru exposing the red which could be seen from the house. Shute started with a strip of tin plate, .010", X 3.5 X 8.75" with edges folded over strips of 1/2" strap iron to form 2 channels. Weight, B, falls freely. Cut a notch
for a stop. The stop, D, is 1/2" semi spring brass formed to fit the notch & is soldered to A. L shaped piece .016 brass from old clock, converts motion from horizontal to vertical. A second L, F, mounted to mail box, converts motion from vertical to rotated 90 deg. horizontal to allow pull action. Pull rod, G, connects door to F. Screws all 6-32, flat head where needed.
Almost forgot , C, 2 1/8" X 3.75" plate with top & bottom edges folded over, which covers top of A, & soldered to it.
Not a complete plan, just suggestions.



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Sounds great. When I am away, I want to be away. No telephones, no internet, nothing. When I built my hangar in 1983, I had heat, water, sewer, and electricity. Utilities asked if I wanted phone too, as it would cost nothing at the time. My answer, "no way."

Tower did call my neighbor a couple of times and ask them to contact me. But for me, it was freedom.