Magnetic triggering device


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Why do you think that would be compatible with HEI modules? Is there a reason not to use the pickup coil from a HEI distributor? Is this going to be a distributor or a crank trigger ignition?


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" The magnet zooming past the coil, induces a pulse in the 140 Ohm (dc) coil, which can be detected by the Hubble Telescope or some other secret device. These are a good parts to be used in UFO detectors "
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It should work, but it will also depend on which HEI module you use. The original 4 pin module has capacitors built in to set the dwell time for the coil and are known to act strange if not used with an actual HEI pickup. The 8 pin EFI version should be happy with this trigger. I have actually built something similar (a piece of wire around a bolt picking up a flywheel magnet) and it works just fine with the 8 pin module. The only issue is making sure you have the wires the right way. If backwards it will fire at the wrong time.


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I don't know which version 8 or 4 pin, but one of them has a dwell limiting circuit in it. Changes the dwell with the RPM of the motor. This is on an OEM Delco module, don't know if the aftermarket ones do it. But it still comes down to why would you not use an original pickup?
As I said in #8 the 4 pin has the dwell circuit. Since the 8 pin is EFI the ECU takes care of the dwell angle and the Hei module itself wouldn't need it.