LTspice modified relay models

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I modified the LTspice models I have for SPDT and DPDT relays to make their coil operation non-polarized (typical of most standard mechanical relays), and added hysteresis to their energized coil voltage (≈74% of rated voltage), and de-energized coil voltage (≈25% of rated voltage).
As before, the coil voltage and coil resistance can be specified by right-clicking on their symbol in the circuit.
Not modeled is the coil inductance.

Their model and symbol files are attached.
The .sub files go in the \sub folder, and the .asy files go in the \sym\misc folder.

Edit: I just realized there is a problem when a fixed voltage is applied to the top coil terminal and the bottom is switched. :oops:
Working on a solution.
Edit2: Ok the modified files are attached.
The coil terminals are isolated from ground and now respond only to the absolute value of the differential voltage across them.
Let me know if you spot any other problems.


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