Low Noise Amplifier Design

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Hi everyone, I'm designing a low noise amplifier (LNA) for 4-5 GHZ (C band) for my final year major project with a specification of
Gain:60dB or greater
NF: <3dB
Operating voltage:+12/15/20
OIP3:+20dBm min
Design process:130nm/90nm
I'm having problem with designing it mainly choosing Id and gm, and also the high gain requirement , also the various parameters like Cgs, fT, gamma, alpha, Cdb.
i know the characterization of mosfets but my mentor said that the operating voltage of the industry lna is +12v,but typically vdd for 130 or 180nm mosfet is 1.8V.
This is my design Notes ,major problem I'm facing is to get optimal fT, gamma, alpha, gm, id to achieve such high gain and Vdd=12V, Can you suggest how i can choose best fT, gamma, alpha, gm, id for best noise factor and gai. Also I'm doing this as an RF IC using CMOS using NGspice or Cadence
Notes Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/151gh9soKtLBca2lTIOLZPyxRDpkZRzPc/view?usp=sharing
Please Help