Loss of Mouse Link Mystery Solved

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I was at the end of my rope and was just about ready to file a support complaint with Kensington.

I have been using a Kensington Expert USB Trackball forever. About 6 years ago a spilled some tea on it.

After a thorough cleaning and drying........I had lost my scroll wheel function. I continued to use this unit til a few months ago and replaced it with a Wireless Model. The USB model was still quite functional......but I had worn all the finish off........it looked terrible.....many wouldn't touch it.

I also have two cats.....one short and one long hair. They battle for desktop territory. So I have gotten into a habit of air blowing the mouse and keyboard regularity.

I installed the new wireless mouse.........and I swear........I had to blow the mouse out many times more often than the old mouse. Or I should say I thought I had to blow it out. It was getting ridiculous.

And then tonight I caught it. It's my long haired cat. When she lays beside my arm and mouse.......the mouse starts hiccuping. When she leaves......mouse goes back to normal. I tried both cats. It's the female of course.

I had put my wireless dongle on an extension and positioned it up within line of site of mouse. I had tried everything to keep a strong link.

Dag gone cat. Maybe when warm weather comes this will disappear.