Looper Guitar Pedal Project

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I'm new to the forum and hoping to get a bit more proactive in building my own circuits. I want to cement my understanding in electronics as well as expand what I already know and because of this I would rather not take shortcuts but build from scratch what is reasonable in practice.

I've recently been wanting to build my own Guitar Pedals. The first pedal I want to build is a Looper Pedal, a good example of this is shown in the following video (a Ditto Looper):

When I want to record what I'm playing on my guitar I hit the pedal button, it begins to record, if it hit it again it stops recording and starts playing back.
I would like to take this project through a structured design project process starting from concept, block diagrams and adding and building upon this into a final circuit to implement into a complete enclosure and finished product. I would like to hear what would be the process you guys would take in designing something like this.

I would like this pedal to:
  1. Have 5 minutes of record time
  2. At least 5 overdubs
  3. A bypass to play past the pedal if wanted
  4. Undo/redo recordings
What I understand at the moment is that I will need to convert my guitar signal to digital using an ADC and from there process these digital signals and then convert it back to analogue through a DAC and into my guitar amp. I know that I will need to be able to store multiple digital signals and play them back simultaneously.

Obviously what I have described above is very high level, but am I on the right thinking path? And could anyone provide some guidance as to what would be the way to go?

I have an Arduino Leonardo at my disposal for prototyping.

Thanks! :)