Looking for Bernard, hope he's okay.

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Hi Everyone,

A couple of years back I came here for help with electronics for a toy kitchen for my son. I got great help from two members in particular one of them being Bernard. He even built a part and sent it to me. I got the kitchen working but then had another baby and some hospital stays and as I don't use this forum often only for the project time went by and I didn't get to report back. By the time I got back to thank everyone and say it was working I notice Bernard hadn't been here for a while, he was last here June 2021. Bernard was 94 and I worry he's passed away. Does anyone know Bernard personally? He was so kind and helped me so much I just wanted to at least thank his family and how much I enjoyed knowing him. Bernard is a prime example of what the internet is about, strangers connecting and helping one another. I hope that we can all brighten someone's day and bring joy to others as Bernard did to me and my family.


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An additional horrible detail: if you use the SEARCH function to retrieve posts by a late member, you will get nothing.

I posted about that and concluded that whoever take those decisions in this site, is not intrested on changing how it works. So much for the interest of keeping the trove of info easily accessible whether for regulars o newcomers...


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Bernard would have been 95 in 2022
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