Looking for advisal on componets (and sofware programming)

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Looking for someone to help me with a project i have to build a EMF device that can be used to predict electromagnetic events. (bear with me)
i am currently learning programming languages, but the construction is lost on me. if anyone could give me a list of components yo would need in order to run a EMF sensor through a led light (when ever the frequency reaches over a certain percent) i would be thankful.

if anyone is willing to help or would like greater details please PM me could further out discussion there.



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Jackal, this is a public forum directed at education. The ideas and comments that accumulate under a thread are for the benefit of everyone. Starting a thread that may create interest from others, only to deny them of what your intent or ideas were, is contrary to the community effort. If you want personal support, I would recommend that you pm individuals that speak to your interests.


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"EMF events" is not a term with any kind of general agreement on what it means. As a matter of reality E.M.F stands for Electro-Motive Force, otherwise known as voltage, like from a battery or a power supply. The term EMP, which stands for Electro Magnetic Pulse, is often associated with the word "event". Also, the main practical method of generating an EMP is a nuclear detonation. If that is what you are playing around with, I'd be remiss if I did not suggest you proceed with caution.

There is also the solar activity, which sometimes results in a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) which can bombard our planet with a stream of high energy particles. Most of these are deflected by the Earth's magnetosphere. If you are standing on one of the magnetic poles it might be handy to have a high energy particle detector. Arguably a high energy particle shield might be more beneficial to you under those circumstances.