Looking for a good high-pass or pass band audio filter

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Hello to every body,

I´m trying to make audio measurements with a microphone on a noise machine. After I will analize it with a dsp.

I´m having problems with some noise in low frecuencies.

I would like to find an active high pas filter integrate with tuenable frecuenci fc 200hz for example but with a good order on the filter (like 4 or 8). If it is a band pass filter for audio is also ok.

Many thaks for your help

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Why does the noise need to be filtered before converting to digital? Is is that much larger than the signal? Does it really need to be tuneable?

What frequency is the noise and what is the frequency range of interest?

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Hi every body, MAny thanks for your effort.

I´m looking for a single component to make a hight pass filter arround 200Hz. It didn´t need to be tuneable.

The Idea is to take only the measurement of frecuencies biguer that 200 HZ. I was making test with some circuits with order 2 of atenuation (12dB/oct) but I need something more like order 4 with 24dB of atenuation or more. I would like to buy a simple IC and make it with some resistors and capacitor on this IC. I would´nt like to make a log schematic for this use.

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OK. Simple high-pass filter. Two capacitors and two resistors. Only guessing the values here! There is nothing very good about it - but it is simple!