Looking for a second-hand high voltage power supply as 500V/20A or higher.

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A friend asked me to help him to find a second-hand high voltage power supply as :

1) 500V/20A or higher.

2) No matter the voltage is higher as 600V or the current is 25A or 30A, the better power wattages range is from 10KW to 20KW.

3) The price is better less than US$ 3,545[about NT$ 100,000], the price is negotiable which is depends upon the Wattage.

4) No matter the output voltage is fixed or adjustable is OK.

5) Input power : 220V/3 phase.

6) The Weight is better less than 60kg.

7) The Power Supply should be shipping to Taiwan in Asia.

If you have or know any messages about the power supply, please let me know, you can PM me, thank you for your help.

PS :
I have found one(500V/20A) on eBay, but my friend said that the price is a little higher, so he wants to find a cheaper one to suit his budget.