Looking for a DC/DC converter suggestion

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Hi all,

I am using a micro controller with 2 AAA battries. MCU is in deep sleep mode for approx. 1 sec then wakes-up upon hal sensor interrupt, then MCU triggers a coil using BSS138N MOSFET. While sleeping MSP consumes 1uA and .5mA when woken up. Current cosumption when coil is triggered: 3mA for 200ms

Now, I realize that I need more volts for this coil than 3 volts. MOSFET is connected to external power supply of 9V to 12 Volts and works great.

I am looking for a DC/DC converter suggestions. Below is my wish list:

Extremely low BOM, preferably includes some sort of switch so I don't have to use BSS138N, extremely low current consumption when sleeping, module for factor also acceptable as long as it is not BGA.

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Many of the Maxim nanoPower boost converters, eg MAX17222, MAX17224, feature <1nA standby yet can handle 0.5 -5v input and up to 1A output with an ~4 part BOM. Best go to http://maximintegrated.com and search the parametric switching regulator database. 9v output might be difficult though at 3v input...